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    Welcome to Shenzhen Qiaoan Electronic Co.,Ltd

      production, sales and service as a whole, comprehensive strength of the modern high-tech enterprise. Since the company was founded, with its sophisticated products and high quality service, got the acceptance of the customers and dealers approbation. At present the company main products are infrared detector, cable the mainframe series, feeling smoke detector series type, household alarm and video monitoring of series, and provide customers both at home and abroad OEM/ODM services.

    And at the same time we also agent Japan (SELCO), AoPuTai cox (OPTEX), the United States honeywel series, Canadian maple leaf (PARADOX), the United States C&K, YiLiFu series alarm products. As far as possible for our project traders to provide the most excellent service, the company has gathered a batch of has many years experience and the ability of technical development professionals, has the production and office area of more than 5000 square meters, the number of employees more than 300 people, with modern SMT automatic assembly lines and patch advanced testing equipment, and in Hong Kong and Taiwan respectively set up r&d center and technology laboratory. At the same time the company passed ISO9001-2000 international quality certification system authentication, the product through the CE, FCC, MA and other international authoritative organization the authentication.

    We in order to re-connaught and trustworthy, rigorous and realistic vision, the code of conduct, to provide you with satisfactory professional technical service, and cooperate with you to create the bright future. because of your support, we will do better. 

    Thank You for Many Years Of Supports



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E-mail: alarm@bonlor.com

Add: 2/F, building 3, hongmen industrial park, xingguo county, ganzhou , jiangxi , China

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