Brand Story


The Electronic plant of Longsin Tech was increased 1,200 square meters,total 3,000 square meter.

qiaoan passed the certification of national ISO9001-2008 security system.

Shenzhen qiaoan was awarded as a Well-known brand manufacturer of security industry.


qiaoan investing heavily in machinery and equipment,the plant was expanded to 1800 square meters .

qiaoan won “Shenzhen well-known brand” for different products.


Shenzhen has developed 10 new products not only in domestic market but also exported to Europe, South America, southeast Asia and other regions, have gained good reputation among the overseas.

The registered trademark of Longsin was awarded “Guangdong Famous Trade Mark”.


qiaoan smart “housewife”CRM, Kingdee ERP online, realized the management of comprehensive office information

qiaoan obtain CE certifications of smoke detector, pir detector etc.

Several Longsin products passed SOPA certification.

The plant of Longsin was expanded to 1200 square meter.

Shenzhen qiaoan. Attended Hightech Fair and CPSE.


qiaoan imported the smoke tunnels from UK AWTechnology,became designated manufacturers all over the world.

qiaoan obtained different Certifications of independent research and development products ,and won the patent of new and appearance.

Office of Shenzhen, Tianjin and Ningxia was built.


Shenzhen qiaoan . Became “The member of Shenzhen Security Industry association”.

qiaoan obtained “The reputation brand of international consumer”.



Phone: 13310846668


Add: 2/F, building 3, hongmen industrial park, xingguo county, ganzhou , jiangxi , China

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